3 Free eBooks Every Health Administrator Ought to Read

Health administration or healthcare administration is the field related to leadership, management, and primarily associated with administration of hospitals, hospital networks, and health care systems. A person in health administration is seemed to be like or having knowledge in entire sectors of health and healing. Below are mentioned some free e-Books that a health administrator can found to be of great use and cause for him.

  1. Yoga to Your Health: This e-book is about referring to various aspects of Yoga and its overall influence on the human health and overall survival. As it has already been referred about Yoga that Yoga is a smart way to lose out weight and cure various other diseases without being ill. Yoga is valued and being respected as great spiritual practice to discipline mind, body and spirit and there are been different type of Yoga exercise that has been witnessed and are been practiced for overall growth and healing of the body. Some most common and popular yoga exercises are aimed towards reducing stress, improving posture, healing physical ailments and discovering self. So all the important facts and facets related to Yoga and its overall impact over human body has been discussed over here.
  2. All about Natural Health: This E-book caters to the need and requirements of and deals around the subjects of Cholesterol, fats and heart diseases and other important issues relevant to our health. This book is written by Brian who is an independent writer who has an avid reading and learning about and on various subjects.  He was initially trained in the diagnostic discipline of neurophysiology at the British National Health Services (NHS) and he won the national prize for his professional qualifications. In the UK pharmaceutical industry he performed a number of duties and tasks like as sales, marketing, business development and clinical research before he moved to medical education and publishing.
  3. 2020 Vision: Health in the 21st Century: This E-Book is written by Donald E.Wilson, M.D, M.A.C.P. Dean, School of Medicine, and University of Maryland at Baltimore. This book is about the vision of nation’s health and health care delivery system. The books tries to focus over two contradictory situations, whereas in one situation the Americans have  access to unparalleled state-of-the-art health care and are satisfied with the treatment that they receive; the mass from the entire world come to the United States in search of the most advanced medical procedure and technology. The interesting and staggering factor is that American education system produces around some of the world’s finest physicians and scientists. However, another adverse situation that exist around there is that about 40 million Americans still are without health insurance and there have been witnessed reemergence of   preventable diseases like as polio and measles, and the continuation of devastating but preventable disabilities caused by lead poisoning, the return of tuberculosis, and a veritable explosion of sexually transmitted diseases. These all issues with an eye towards solution have been discussed in this book.
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