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Top 10 Q&A Sites Every Health Professional Should Bookmark

As a health professional, it can be hard to keep abreast of the newest developments in the medical world. Between the time you devote to work and to your family, there’s little time for studying medical journals.

Patients have questions, too, and answering all their questions can be time consuming. In addition, many patients don’t think of all their questions about a new diagnosis or about tests until they’re home from your office.

For both you and your patients, it’s important to have some reliable websites that can be used for answering health questions. There are sites that are primarily designed for patients to get answers to their questions after being diagnosed with a new illness or condition. Referring your patients to these sites is a great way to help them help themselves.

There are also sites that are primarily designed for health professionals, which can help you keep up to date on new developments in medicine. Whether you use them to refresh your memory on treatment options for particular illnesses, find specialists for referral or to learn about new treatments and tests, you’re sure to find these sites to be a quick and easy way to stay informed.

  1. Medical Questions: This site has a great library of health questions by topic. They also have a place where you can submit your own questions, if the one you want to ask hasn’t been answered already.
  2. Just Answer: Just answer allows you to ask your medical questions right on the homepage, and get an answer from a doctor or nurse.
  3. Web MD: This is likely the most popular website for understanding health issues. You can search based on symptoms or a diagnosis, or you can ask your own questions of the experts on the site. This is a great site to refer your patients to after they’ve been diagnosed with a new illness.
  4. Questions on Health: This is also a great site for getting answers about your symptoms, or about a recent diagnosis. You can learn a lot from the articles and question and answer sections on this site.
  5. Mayo Clinic: This is a great site for both health professionals and for patients. You can get information on where to refer a patient, or patients can find out more about their own symptoms and diagnoses. Mayo Clinic is one of the most highly respected hospital systems in the country. They are leaders in clinical research and other developments in medicine. This is a site that healthcare professionals rely on regularly.
  6. Women’s Health: This question and answer page from the US government answers the most frequently asked women’s health questions.
  7. Family Doctor: This is a great website for patients to get medical questions answered or learn more about an illness. It’s written in plain, easy to understand language and covers pretty much every health topic you can imagine.
  8. Women’s Health Questions: This site is devoted to the health problems that women face, from acne to problems with conception to sexual health. It’s a great place to learn more about the most common women’s health issues.
  9. Medicine Net: This site offers information on all major health issues. You’ll even find a dictionary of medical terms and a section on pet health on this site.
  10. Medscape: Medscape is designed for use by physicians and nurses. It provides updated medical information on the hottest topics in the industry. You can read the articles to keep abreast, or search for detailed information on specific illnesses.

We’re sure you’ll find these websites useful for both referring patients and for staying abreast of the latest medical developments and technologies for yourself. The Internet has made it easier than ever for both patients and the medical professionals that treat them to stay fully informed about treatment options, prognosis and medical resources that are available to them. There’s so much medical information at all our fingertips; we really must stay up to date on it.

20 Google Chrome Extensions Every Global Health Professional Needs

Global Health Professionals need to stay connected to the health world and to the real world along with staying up to date on office tasks. If you’re using Google Chrome as your browser, there are plenty of extensions you can use to improve your productivity both as a business person and as a healthcare professional. Take a look at these 20 Google Chrome Extensions we think you’ll love.

  1. Google Mail Checker: Being able to check your email right on Google is such a timesaver. This Chrome extension allows you to automatically link to your email account to check for new mail quickly and easily. There are soon to be upgrades that will let you check more than one email account this way.
  2. Shareaholic: Quickly share web pages and the articles on them with family, friends and colleagues. You can even share upcoming events like seminars by simply sending the page with information about the event to those you think would be interested in attending.
  3. Google Map: Google Maps lets you have your Google map open in one window without changing losing the other website you’re browsing. Finding directions and even sending the map with directions has never been easier.
  4. Fastest Tube: You Tube videos about healthcare can be very informative. This app makes finding and bookmarking You Tube videos easy. You can also quickly get to You Tube for putting your own videos out there.
  5. Autopager: Autopager allows you to automatically load the next page of a site in line when you get to the end of the first page. It’s a real time saver when you’re reading through a lot of material.
  6. Daily Favorites: This extension loads your frequently visited pages quickly with the touch of a button. No longer will you have to constantly reload those pages that you visit every day. They’ll be right there in a simple list so that you can get to them with one click.
  7. Fastest Chrome: This extension makes everything go faster. Load pages and do searches faster than you ever thought possible.
  8. Yoono: Get to all your social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, Friendface, MySpace, Flickr and Linked In more quickly using Yoono.
  9. ScribeFire: Got a blog? ScribeFire is a great way to post to all your blogs quickly and easily. It is compatible with almost every blogging software.
  10. RSS Subscription Extension: Get your subscriptions via RSS feed quickly and easily with this extension. Monitoring your favorite blogs and websites has never been easier.
  11. Split Screen: Split your view between two different web pages with this extension. It’s perfect for comparing material when you’re researching lesson plans.
  12. Google URL Shortener: Shorten long URL addresses into something more manageable for sending to your colleagues.
  13. Symtica: This extension can manage all those applications you’re using, like Gmail, RSS feeds,etc. It takes the pain out of having a lot of applications.
  14. Web of Trust: This quick ad on lets you know which websites you can trust, and keeps your browsing safe. The sites are rated by users.
  15. Last Pass: This is a great password manager and form filler tool. It keeps track of all your passwords for you and fills out forms with your info.
  16. Note Anywhere: Make notes on any webpage. Then, when you open the page again, your notes load automatically.
  17. Google Tasks: Access your Google tasks from any website, any time.
  18. Remember the Milk for Gmail: The Remember the Milk tools are some of today’s most popular. This version for Google Chrome helps you keep track of everything you have to do so nothing gets forgotten.
  19. X Marks: If you have tools and extensions you love at work, you’d probably love to have them at home, too. With Xmarks, you can sync up your computers so that they have the same extensions and tools. It will sync across multiple computers and even across multiple web browsers.
  20. Google Translate: When you work with people all over the world, you’re sure to run into some sites that aren’t in English. Google Translate translates the site with the click of the mouse.

As you can see, there are lots of productivity tools on Google Chrome. Keep in mind that new extensions are developed all the time, so keep checking back for ones that might help you be even more productive each day at work.

3 Free eBooks Every Health Administrator Ought to Read

Health administration or healthcare administration is the field related to leadership, management, and primarily associated with administration of hospitals, hospital networks, and health care systems. A person in health administration is seemed to be like or having knowledge in entire sectors of health and healing. Below are mentioned some free e-Books that a health administrator can found to be of great use and cause for him.

  1. Yoga to Your Health: This e-book is about referring to various aspects of Yoga and its overall influence on the human health and overall survival. As it has already been referred about Yoga that Yoga is a smart way to lose out weight and cure various other diseases without being ill. Yoga is valued and being respected as great spiritual practice to discipline mind, body and spirit and there are been different type of Yoga exercise that has been witnessed and are been practiced for overall growth and healing of the body. Some most common and popular yoga exercises are aimed towards reducing stress, improving posture, healing physical ailments and discovering self. So all the important facts and facets related to Yoga and its overall impact over human body has been discussed over here.
  2. All about Natural Health: This E-book caters to the need and requirements of and deals around the subjects of Cholesterol, fats and heart diseases and other important issues relevant to our health. This book is written by Brian who is an independent writer who has an avid reading and learning about and on various subjects.  He was initially trained in the diagnostic discipline of neurophysiology at the British National Health Services (NHS) and he won the national prize for his professional qualifications. In the UK pharmaceutical industry he performed a number of duties and tasks like as sales, marketing, business development and clinical research before he moved to medical education and publishing.
  3. 2020 Vision: Health in the 21st Century: This E-Book is written by Donald E.Wilson, M.D, M.A.C.P. Dean, School of Medicine, and University of Maryland at Baltimore. This book is about the vision of nation’s health and health care delivery system. The books tries to focus over two contradictory situations, whereas in one situation the Americans have  access to unparalleled state-of-the-art health care and are satisfied with the treatment that they receive; the mass from the entire world come to the United States in search of the most advanced medical procedure and technology. The interesting and staggering factor is that American education system produces around some of the world’s finest physicians and scientists. However, another adverse situation that exist around there is that about 40 million Americans still are without health insurance and there have been witnessed reemergence of   preventable diseases like as polio and measles, and the continuation of devastating but preventable disabilities caused by lead poisoning, the return of tuberculosis, and a veritable explosion of sexually transmitted diseases. These all issues with an eye towards solution have been discussed in this book.

7 Reasons to Consider a Career in Global Health

If a person is looking for a career in Global Health, he can look at with many perspectives and would have to go for an advanced degree before moving ahead for any position overseas to have better career opportunity. It has been experienced that many professional with even with a bachelor degree in nursing have been able to curve out an attractive and utility full career for them internationally. Apart from that a person can go into international career in Global Health for following reasons:

  1. Higher Salaries: One of the prominent reasons to go into the career of global health is to get an advanced degree and have better and lucrative salary options. In overseas medical job opportunity a person can earn as much as from around $50,000 salary to a $100,000 salary. More a medical professional would always have opportunity for better jobs and promotions.
  2. Sake of Benefits: When you would have a better opportunity to work overseas then it would automatically be provided along with other benefits like paid vacation, sick days, insurance, retirement funds, and more all make up your benefits package. And more at senior levels in companies you would have titles and designation added to your name.
  3. For the sake of Job Satisfaction: Other vast benefit with career in global health is despite the varying locations it provides job satisfaction beyond boundaries.  It is much better to rather feeling unhappy while going to place of your job. In global medical career it opens up a very big and wider career opportunity for a person. You can see yourself from working in the field of health education to gerontology.
  4. Varying Job Setting: Yes it is very true that there is no dearth of medical opportunities for a person to work in this field. And it provides job opportunity at the corner of the world where you wish to deliver your subject and services. It is found that some people love to move the right job at any corner of the world and career in Global health provides that opportunity to a medical professional.
  5. For a suitable Job Profile: More going for international job profile you do also make your resume much stronger and effective. As despite of massive opportunities and career options yet a job market is very competitive where many persons with same profile may be applying for the same position. In such a situation an overseas job position provides you an opportunity for that competitive position.
  6. To Take Higher Levels of Responsibility: As you go for an international level of job it is natural to be that higher level jobs to be added with and confronted to you with stress and higher level of responsibility. This way you learn to take responsibility and turn around vital decisions in your favor.
  7. To Have Better Skills: Finally, with an international and global job you get an idea and opportunities to learn new skills and traits and technologies through medical world.

Masters In Global Health

Masters in Global and health related problems. This seeks to address the global concerns that affect more than one country. Some of these issues are global warming, epidemics and diseases such as bird flu. Global health seeks to look at the health challenges facing countries especially the developing countries. These are hindrances to adequate development and growth of the economy. This is a one year program divided in four quarters and meant for students who are already practitioners in health science related profession. It can also be for any student who is in the health related profession and would like to develop skills in the international health policies. This program prepares students for leadership positions by equipping them with the necessary leadership skills in the global health care, research and development field.

With masters in global health you can work in any part of the continent since the field covers cases and programs that are common among many nations. The major challenges to development in the developing countries are HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB. The health issues of developed worlds are smoking and obesity. This program seeks to look for the causes and find solutions to these health problems.

The master program in subdivided into medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing. The mode of study is seminar that prepares students for field work and research. It emphasizes project management, study design, and practicals that are sensitive to the diverse cultures. The main courses are geared towards the coverage and analysis of the health issues in a country as case studies. For example the international traineeships in AIDS prevention studies and Japanese HIV nurse training program which are short courses that intend to cover the topic on the health issues looking at a specific country. The goal of this program is integrating relationships among health, health care, education, economic development and business leadership management to address the issues affecting the global economy and health. These are closely related since they are all key players in the well being of the community. Some of the concerns of the developing countries are environmental degradation, and pandemics. Therefore this course prepares students, researchers, policy makers, managers, analysts and clinical practitioners to develop understanding of the causes and solutions to the world health issues from the global perspective.

Some of the programs that are covered under global health are epidemiology, occupational epidemiology, dyslipidaemias, health status and outcomes measurement. It covers fields such as the disease causes and prevention, global environmental health, global health policy and management and population sciences. The coursework curriculum involves global health challenges, research methods and health systems in developing countries. This program is also available online for those who need to increase their knowledge and education level without interfering with their careers.