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Top 10 Q&A Sites Every Health Professional Should Bookmark

As a health professional, it can be hard to keep abreast of the newest developments in the medical world. Between the time you devote to work and to your family, there’s little time for studying medical journals.

Patients have questions, too, and answering all their questions can be time consuming. In addition, many patients don’t think of all their questions about a new diagnosis or about tests until they’re home from your office.

For both you and your patients, it’s important to have some reliable websites that can be used for answering health questions. There are sites that are primarily designed for patients to get answers to their questions after being diagnosed with a new illness or condition. Referring your patients to these sites is a great way to help them help themselves.

There are also sites that are primarily designed for health professionals, which can help you keep up to date on new developments in medicine. Whether you use them to refresh your memory on treatment options for particular illnesses, find specialists for referral or to learn about new treatments and tests, you’re sure to find these sites to be a quick and easy way to stay informed.

  1. Medical Questions: This site has a great library of health questions by topic. They also have a place where you can submit your own questions, if the one you want to ask hasn’t been answered already.
  2. Just Answer: Just answer allows you to ask your medical questions right on the homepage, and get an answer from a doctor or nurse.
  3. Web MD: This is likely the most popular website for understanding health issues. You can search based on symptoms or a diagnosis, or you can ask your own questions of the experts on the site. This is a great site to refer your patients to after they’ve been diagnosed with a new illness.
  4. Questions on Health: This is also a great site for getting answers about your symptoms, or about a recent diagnosis. You can learn a lot from the articles and question and answer sections on this site.
  5. Mayo Clinic: This is a great site for both health professionals and for patients. You can get information on where to refer a patient, or patients can find out more about their own symptoms and diagnoses. Mayo Clinic is one of the most highly respected hospital systems in the country. They are leaders in clinical research and other developments in medicine. This is a site that healthcare professionals rely on regularly.
  6. Women’s Health: This question and answer page from the US government answers the most frequently asked women’s health questions.
  7. Family Doctor: This is a great website for patients to get medical questions answered or learn more about an illness. It’s written in plain, easy to understand language and covers pretty much every health topic you can imagine.
  8. Women’s Health Questions: This site is devoted to the health problems that women face, from acne to problems with conception to sexual health. It’s a great place to learn more about the most common women’s health issues.
  9. Medicine Net: This site offers information on all major health issues. You’ll even find a dictionary of medical terms and a section on pet health on this site.
  10. Medscape: Medscape is designed for use by physicians and nurses. It provides updated medical information on the hottest topics in the industry. You can read the articles to keep abreast, or search for detailed information on specific illnesses.

We’re sure you’ll find these websites useful for both referring patients and for staying abreast of the latest medical developments and technologies for yourself. The Internet has made it easier than ever for both patients and the medical professionals that treat them to stay fully informed about treatment options, prognosis and medical resources that are available to them. There’s so much medical information at all our fingertips; we really must stay up to date on it.

Top 50 Blogs by Global Health Organizations

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