Top Masters in Global Health Program Rankings

Are you considering going back to school to earn you master’s degree in global health? This is an exciting field where you’ll work in public health, but on a world-wide scale. If you choose to go back to school to get this kind of degree, attending a top school in the field of global health not only prepares you for the job, but also looks great on your resume. Here are some of the best colleges you can attending if you want a masters degree in global health:

New York University

NYU’s global public health master’s degree program is a collaboration between five of its professional schools and has been in existence since 2002. This is NYU’s first university-level degree program, not belonging to a specific professional school at the college. Its first classes were taught in 2006, and today it remains a top program in this field, offering students unique classes in disease prevention, health promotion, healthcare reform, and more.

University of North Carolina

UNC’s global public health program for master’s degree students is taught at one of the largest public health school in the entire United States. UNC was ranked as the nation’s top public health school in 2008 by U.S. News and World Report and its faculty members and students are often recognized with national awards.

John Hopkins University

While John Hopkins does not have a program solely for global health, they do have one of the top-ranked public health schools in the nation, and many classes in their related program deal with global health. You can get a master’s degree in health economics, health administration, health policy, health sciences, social factors in health, health education, health communication, or public health. The advantage is that as a student here, you’ll also have access to John Hopkin’s world-renowned Global Health Center, as well as instructors who are some of the best in the world.

Many other colleges offer programs in global health for master’s degree students. The best will include a wide spectrum of classes, including courses dealing with demographics, policy-making, philosophy, epidemiology, society, economy, education, communications, and more. Remember, the best program for you isn’t necessarily the one ranked highest on some kind of national list of schools, so take the time to research and visit all global health colleges available.

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