Masters In Global Health

Masters in Global and health related problems. This seeks to address the global concerns that affect more than one country. Some of these issues are global warming, epidemics and diseases such as bird flu. Global health seeks to look at the health challenges facing countries especially the developing countries. These are hindrances to adequate development and growth of the economy. This is a one year program divided in four quarters and meant for students who are already practitioners in health science related profession. It can also be for any student who is in the health related profession and would like to develop skills in the international health policies. This program prepares students for leadership positions by equipping them with the necessary leadership skills in the global health care, research and development field.

With masters in global health you can work in any part of the continent since the field covers cases and programs that are common among many nations. The major challenges to development in the developing countries are HIV/AIDS, malaria and TB. The health issues of developed worlds are smoking and obesity. This program seeks to look for the causes and find solutions to these health problems.

The master program in subdivided into medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing. The mode of study is seminar that prepares students for field work and research. It emphasizes project management, study design, and practicals that are sensitive to the diverse cultures. The main courses are geared towards the coverage and analysis of the health issues in a country as case studies. For example the international traineeships in AIDS prevention studies and Japanese HIV nurse training program which are short courses that intend to cover the topic on the health issues looking at a specific country. The goal of this program is integrating relationships among health, health care, education, economic development and business leadership management to address the issues affecting the global economy and health. These are closely related since they are all key players in the well being of the community. Some of the concerns of the developing countries are environmental degradation, and pandemics. Therefore this course prepares students, researchers, policy makers, managers, analysts and clinical practitioners to develop understanding of the causes and solutions to the world health issues from the global perspective.

Some of the programs that are covered under global health are epidemiology, occupational epidemiology, dyslipidaemias, health status and outcomes measurement. It covers fields such as the disease causes and prevention, global environmental health, global health policy and management and population sciences. The coursework curriculum involves global health challenges, research methods and health systems in developing countries. This program is also available online for those who need to increase their knowledge and education level without interfering with their careers.

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