Average Salary with a Masters in Global Health

Global health is a field that involves researching public health issues, making public health policy, and putting public health techniques into effect. A master’s degree in global health allows you to work in advanced positions in this field, and what you’ll learn in this kind of degree program is related to what you’ll learn in a program studying public health, medical administration, clinical research, and other related non-nurse/doctor medical-related degrees. How much can you expect to earn if you work in this field?

Global Health Salaries by Job

The salary you can expect with a master’s degree in global health largely depends on your job title after you graduate. In general, you can expect to make $40,000 to $80,000 a year, about 5% to 10% more than you could expect to earn with just a bachelor’s degree in this or a related field. Some specific positions you could hold after earning a masters degree in global health include the following:

  • Health Educator: $43,792
  • Epidemiologist: $46,639
  • Clinical Research Coordinator: $47,997
  • Non-profit Organization Director: $66,616
  • Healthcare Consultant: $66,436

Your Daily Tasks with a Masters in Global Health

The tasks you perform as part of your daily routine will of course depend on your job, but your main goals in any position will be to promote health among an entire demographic, monitor health conditions of the world community, prevent disease, and provide better health resources for the public. Essentially, you’ll work in public health on a huge scale, working to reform worldwide healthcare. Daily tasks could include research, educating, charting results, compiling statistics, and more.

How to Earn More Money as a Global Health Worker

Getting your master’s degree is definitely the first step in earning more money in a position in global health. This advanced degree will not only allow you to command a higher salary, but it will also open new jobs doors which may not otherwise be available to you, since some licenses and certifications require you to have at least a master’s degree. You can also earn more money in this field by seeking a government positions or working for another high-paying employer, seeking clearances so you can work with sensitive material, and even going on to get your doctorate in this or a related field.

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